EL 514

Multimedia Laboratory  

(Fall 2012)



Course Professor:

Prof. Yao Wang, LC256
Tel. 718-260-3469, E-mail: yao yao at poly dot edu

Course Instructor:

Yuanyi Xue, Game Innovation Lab, Office Hour: TBA
Tel. 718-260-3556, E-mail: yxue01 at students.poly.edu


Lecture: On line at http://eeweb.poly.edu/~yao/EL5143/ (You must review the lecture material before the lab session each week, E-mail the instructor for accessing password)

Lab Session : Thursday 2:00 - 5:30 PM. (LC008)

Open Lab Hour: TBA


Computer programming experience and knowledge of Fourier transforms (EE3054) and matrix theory (MA2012). Open to both senior undergraduate and graduate students. EE/CS senior students can take this course as EE4153 (DPI in multimedia)

Recommended Reading:

C. Wu and J. Irwin, Emerging Multimedia Computer Communication Technologies, Prentice Hall, 1998.

Course Outline

This course will provide students with hands-on experience to the acquisition, processing, compression and communications of voice, image, and video, as well as multimedia document creation. The course will consist of weekly 75 minutes lecture and 225 minutes experiments. The lecture will introduce or review the theoretical concepts associated with the experiments. Most of the lecture material is accessible from the Internet. You must review the lecture material before coming to the lab. A lab report is due after each experiment.

Grading Policy:

There will be a quiz before each lab, with one question relating to what you learnt in the last experiment, and another question relating to what was discussed in the on-line lecture and the lab manual for the new experiment. There will be a  final exam in the final week examining your understanding of both theoretical and experimental topics covered in the class.  The final grade will depend on your quiz, lab attendance,  in lab-performance, lab-report and the final exam. Each experiment has a full-grade of 10 points. Attending the lab in-time and making a good effort in completing the experiment will give you 4 points. The remaining 6 points depends on the submitted report.  Any reports turned in late will be considered received before next lab. Every week that the report is late will cause 2 points off. The final grade = 60% lab + 20% quiz + 20% exam.

Lecture/Lab Schedule

Week 1:   Introduction to multimedia computer configuration and usage, Learning Matlab
Week 2:   Voice and audio digitization and sampling rate conversion (using Matlab) 
Week 3:   Basics of signal compression (quantization and predictive coding) (using Matlab)

Week 4:   Speech and audio compression
Week 5:   Image processing using Matlab, color perception and color space conversion, image resizing.
Week 6:   More on image processing algorithms: Histogram equalization, denoising, edge detection; Image compressing techniques I (Run-length and Huffman coding)
Week 7:   Image compression techniques II (Transform coding, Predictive coding, Wavelet representation of images)
Week 8:   The digital TV system and future TV system beyond HD
Week 9:   Motion estimation and video compression (using VCDemo and MATLAB)
Week 10: Open sourced tools for multimedia applications I
Week 11: Open sourced tools for multimedia applications II

(Week 12-Week 14 schedule is TBA)

Week 12: Internet and WWW technology
Week 13: Multimedia Networking I: Video Streaming
Week 14: Multimedia Conferencing and video on demand (using VideoLAN) - optional for EE415 students

Week 15: Final