EL6723 Electromagnetic Radiation and Antennas

The electromagnetic fields radiated by current elements are derived from Maxwell’s equations. From these results, the fields radiated by many types of antennas are derived, including various types of dipoles, arrays, aperture, frequency independent, and traveling wave antennas. Concepts such as radiation resistance and pattern, directivity, gain, effective area, reciprocity are discussed.

Prerequisites: graduate status and EL 6713, or EL 3604 with grade B or better.

Weekly Outline:

1st week: Fundamentals of Propagation & Introduction to Antennas

2nd & 3rd weeks: Fundamental Parameters of Antennas

4th week: Radiation Integrals, Potential Functions & Radiation Fields of Short Dipole

5th week: Linear Wire Antennas

6th week: Loop Antennas & Antenna Arrays I

7th week: Midterm Exam

8th week: Antenna Arrays II

9th and 10th weeks: Broadband Antennas & Matching Techniques

11th week: Aperture & Horn Antennas I

12th week: Aperture & Horn Antennas I & Micro Strip Antennas I

13th week: Micro Strip Antennas II

14th week: Reviews

15th week: Final Exam

Textbook: Constantine A. Balanis, "Antenna Theory: Analysis & Design," 2nd edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc