EL5733 RF and Microwave Systems Engineering

Review of EM theory and transmission lines. Printed transmission lines. S, Z, Y, ABCD parameters, network theory, signal flow graphs, CAD methods. Excitation of waveguides. Single and multisection impedance transformer, power divider, directional coupler, hybrid circuits. Microwave resonator: series, parallel resonators, stubs and cavities. Filter theory and designs, coupled-line filters, Kuroda identities, Chebychev and maximally flat filters.

Prerequisite: EL 3604.

Weekly Outline:

1st week: Maxwell’s Equation & Uniform Plane Wave

2nd week: Reflection & Refraction

3rd week: Materials (Conductor, Capacitor & Inductor)

4th week: Transmission Lines & Smith Chart

5th week: Transmission Lines & Waveguides

6th week: Waveguide Designs

7th week: Midterm Exam

8th week: Resonators

9th week: Microwave Network Analysis I

10th week: Microwave Network Analysis II & Impedance Matching and Tuning I

11th weeks: Impedance Matching and Tuning II

12th week: Power Divider and Directional Couplers I

13th week: Power Divider and Directional Couplers II & Microwave Filters I

14th week: Microwave Filters II

15th week: Final

Textbook: David M. Pozar, “Microwave Engineering,” 3rd edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc (2nd edition is fine too)