EL5463 Introduction to RF/Microwave Integrated Circuits

Review of transmission lines and smith chart. Introduction of signal graphs technique. Noise in microwave circuits. Introduction to active devices for RF and microwave circuits. S--parameter modeling. Design of amplifiers, stability analysis and examples. Oscillators and mixers. Transistor and dielectric resonator oscillators. Design considerations and examples. Introduction to microwave systems.

Credits: 3:0:0:3
Pre-Requisite: EE 3604

"Microwave Transistor Amplifier", the second edition, by G. Gonzalez, Prentice Hall
isbn 0-13-254335-4

Course Plan:
We will cover the entire book in the semester: 3 or 4 sections per week.

I-Tai Lu,
Professor, Director of EE Online Program

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Office Hours:
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Exams: one or two problems will be given in each week except the first week.
Homework and class attendance: bonus.