EL 736   Communications Networks II: Design and Algorithms

Instructor: Yong Liu
3 Credits
Wednesday 3:00pm-5:40pm, Fall 2007
JAB 673


Network design consists of topology design and traffic routing taking into account dynamics in network states, such as link/node failures and traffic demand variations. Efficient design models and optimization methods are crucial to simultaneously achieve good network user performance and high savings in network deployment and maintenance. This course introduces mathematical models, design problems and optimization algorithms that can be used to guide network design practice. The follows is a tentative list of subjects to be covered:
1.    Network Design Problem Modeling
2.    Optimization Methods
3.    Multi-Commodity Flow Routing
4.    Location and Topological Design
5.    Fair Network
6.    Resilient Network Design
7.    Robust Network Design
8.    Multi-Layer Networks


EL536 or equivalent,

Related Courses: EL623, EL735, CS603, CS604

Text Book: 

“Routing, Flow, and Capacity Design in Communication and Computer Networks”
Michal Pióro, Deepankar Medhi
ISBN: 0125571895, Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann (July 1, 2004)

Reference Books

  1. “Data Networks (2nd Edition)”, D. Bertsekas and R. Gallager.
  2. Telecommunications Network Design Algorithms”, A. Kershenbaum.
  3. Network Optimization: Continuous and Discrete Models”, D. Bertsekas.
  4. "Introduction to Algorithms", Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, Clifford Stein.
  5. Introduction to Linear Optimization”, D. Bertsimas and J. N. Tsitsiklis
  6. “Convex Optimization”, S. Boyd and L. Vandenberghe, [online version], [slides]
  7. “Integer Programming”, L.Wosley.


Homework:        20 Points;  
Midterm:            40 Points;   
Final/Projects:    40 Points

Course Material

EL736 Syllabus

Class 1: (09/05/2007) Introduction.  slidespdf

Class 2: (09/12/2007) Network Design Problems (NDP): Notations and Illustration.  slidespdf

Class 3: (09/19/2007) NDP: Technical Examples, and Modeling. slidespdf

Class 4: (10/03/2007) NDP Extensions. slidespdf

Class 5: (10/10/2007) Optimization Methods (I): Linear Programming, Integer Programming, Mixed Integer Programming. slidespdf

Class 6: (10/17/2007) Optimization Methods (II): Stochastic Heuristics, AMPL/CPLEX Package. slidespdf

Class 7: (10/24/2007) Location and Topological Design. slidespdf

Class 8: (10/31/2007) Networks with Shortest-Path Routing. slidespdf

Class 9: (11/14/2007) Fair Networks. slidespdf

Class 10: (11/28/2007) Resilient Network Design. slidespdf

Class 11: (12/05/2007) Multi-Hour and Multi-Layer Network Modeling and Design. slidespdf

Reference: Sample Projects from Class of 2006


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