H. Jonathan Chao,
Department Head and Professor
Research Interests
  • Data Center Networks
  • Network on Chip
  • Implanted Medical Devices
  • Network Security

E-mail: chao@poly.edu
URL: http://eeweb.poly.edu/chao
Phone: (718) 260-3302
Office: 2 MTC 10.005

Kang Xi,
Industry Associate Professor
Research Interests

  • Datacenter Networks
  • Network Resilience
  • Routing
  • High-Speed Network Architecture

E-mail:  kxi@poly.edu
URL: http://www.poly.edu/user/kxi
Phone: (718) 260-3504
Office: LC112

N. Sertac Artan,
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests

  • High-Speed Network Intrusion Detection and Prevention (NIDPS)
  • Circuits for medical implants
  • Hardware-friendly neurological signal processing algorithms
  • Low-power, scalable Network-on-Chip (NoC)

E-mail:  sartan@poly.edu
URL: http://catt.poly.edu/~sertac
Phone: (718) 260-3496
Office: LC118B

Yang Xu,
Research Assistant Professor
Research Interests
  • Network Security
  • Network-on-Chip
  • High-Speed Router Design
  • Network Processors

URL: http://www.poly.edu/user/yangxu
Phone: (718) 260-3153
Office: LC118A